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Italian recipe: Rabbit Stew from Veneto

Italian Recipe of Rabbit stew is the first of my collection of recipes dedicated to typical Venetian dishes for lovers of traditional Italian cuisine, directly from my home.

italian recipe rabbit stew

This rabbit stew recipe is very popular throughout Italy, but there are also many variables depending on the region. This habit of eating game emerged during the end of the second war, made by the peasants usually accompanied with simple ingredients like potatoes and onions.

Don’t be alarmed when you hear some Italian talking about eating a rabbit outside of a special occasion. The Italian rabbit stew recipe is a typical everyday hunting dish from the Veneto region, made to cherish, present at Sunday lunches with nonna.  It is as simple as it is practical to make and I guarantee that it is very tasty.

This recipe is usually prepared in autumn, in September when the hunting season begins. Here it is still customary – with rules imposed severely.

The rabbit is a white, lean and tasty meat is rich in potassium, iron and calcium and poor in cholesterol. Qualities which in the past were not appreciated by the noble classes who always preferred the most sought after and prized meats. Instead we think that it is an integral part of the poor culinary, especially that of the areas which in the past were considered the poorest in Italy like Liguria, the interior of Tuscany or the mountainous areas of Sicily.

For this particular Italian recipe for Rabbit stew: How to harmonize with wine

This dish has an ipocaloric white meat characteristic. So it has no need for a very full bodied wine.

The wine that can accompany the Italian rabbit recipe is a red, but can be young with soft tones like a Merlot.

The Merlot wine enhances the delicate taste of the rabbit without obscuring the mouth. It has a ruby red color, and in the olfaction we recognize the typical perfumes of red fruits such as blackberry, raspberry. It is important that it is young, because it offers a touch of acidity which is essential to give freshness to the mouth.

A DOC red Breganze also respects the acidity and the soft tannins help to harmonize the dish, cleaning the fat from the mouth leaving a taste of want more!

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The rabbit variation in the recipe is “conicio in tecia” – which in the Italian Venetian dialect means “Rabbit in the pot”.

Tell me how it turned out and if you have any doubts, just write me!


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