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Venice Carnival: Sparkling and fascinating origin

Have you heard Venice Carnival? Filled with wonderful masks and dresses, the fascinating present event has as much enchanting origins.

Venice Carnival


Carnival is just around the corner, and we explore a way to know the origin of the magnificent Venice Carnival: between masks balls and open air spectacle, there is a worldly and political history.

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The wines of Piedmont

Italian wines from Piedmont have tradition since Roman times, with a current production of around 2,490,000hl in red Italian wines today.

The vineyards here are grown in hills. This is a wonderful advantage, avoiding parasite attack and the climate is ideal for healthy growth of the vines.

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Visit Sicily

Visit Sicily is exploring the 5 senses

Visit Sicily this year was not my idea. But of course, imagining a place knowing what it would find: beach, happy people * like Brazil, would have no problem in coming up.

But as in these posts of Summer Wine does not accept the same repertoire of all, I did the different tour, for the culture and the art. In fact this was a prerogative, * which I could not even choose.

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