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Venice Carnival: Sparkling and fascinating origin

Have you heard Venice Carnival? Filled with wonderful masks and dresses, the fascinating present event has as much enchanting origins.

venice carnival

Carnival is coming, and we explore a way to know the origin of the magnificent Venice Carnival: between masked balls and open air spectacle, there is a worldly and political history.

Venice Carnival was Inspired by the Greco-Roman festivities, the then Republic of Venice gave the low-income population a period of irreverent fun.
The use of masks was allowed to grant total anonymity and to avoid the existing division of social classes.
This generous gesture of the Republic of Venice was to avoid a period of tension and conflict, to distract the public to give a light to a severe period of punishment and high demands of the population.

Venice Carnival

By wearing masks and fantasies, it was possible to completely conceal the identity and thus any form of personal membership of social classes, sex or religion was nullified.

Everyone could establish attitudes and behaviors based on new customs and modified appearance.

For this reason, the greeting that resonated continuously in the act of crossing a new “character” was simply the mask of the good lady.

There was many acrobats, dancers, magicians in the carnival of Venice. The fun was so much that the work was left out.

For many centuries, the carnival had a long duration, but I’m talking about well 6 weeks, from December 26 to Ash Wednesday

Close Relationship with the theater

As quoted, the Venice carnival had Greco-Roman roots then it was easy to create a close relationship with the theater.
They paid homage to the god of Wine, Bacchus in Italian or Dionysus in Greek, theater plays and presentations in honor of wine and fun.

From there came the great masked balls, in beautiful Venetian palaces, so it became famous worldwide since the 18th century.

The most transgressive feasts came at sunset. Acts of low moral began to radiate through the city of Venice, violence and exchanges of fantasies.

Anonymity is no longer something to rise from problems, but rather to acts of vandalism and libidinization.
These acts and the fall of the Republic of Venice contributed to the closing of the carnival celebrations.

The date of the last carnival of Venice è in the year of 1797, with the Napoleonic invasion, came the abolition to the carnival during two centuries.
It was not until 1967 that Carnival celebrations began, with the return of customs and dances, and that it is still successful to this day.

This year 2019, the carnival in Venice begins on February 16 until March 5.


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