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My Merano Wine Festival – between perspective and reality

Merano wine festival

Going to Merano Wine Festival for me was to learn how to celebrate Italian food and wine culture in a bottle of wine in a great style.

It marked my career very much, by so many quality contacts, by classes and masterclasses with products, and by having much more studies about wine.

Merano Wine Festival is one of the most important and high class wine events.

For a year before the festival, they select each month wines that deserve a place in the disputed international wine fair.

The selection of wines that were present at the Merano Wine Festival was remarkable.

The best vintages of the best bottles, cuvées and productions from each selected producer. This brings the most glamorous event in the world of wine.

Merano wine festival

At the organizational level, 11,000 people were counted in the 5 days of the event, to accommodate 950 wineries as protagonists, with space reserved for organic and dynamic wines, gastronomy, masterclasses, and even a runway dedicated to champagne.

At Merano Wine Festival, I entered the imposing entrance and already felt like a star on the red carpet

My expectations increase, even as I take the walk and face the intense day of tasting and comparisons with the producers.

Despite the number of people, the real stars were also seen: Luca Gardini, Joe Bastianich (Masterchef), Steve Kim and Luciano Pignataro.

The relationship with the wineries seemed intimate: a meeting in which my doubts and expectations were met.


As a sommeliere, I contemplated the organization:

The stands were organized as a tasting itinerary: from sparkling wines to red wines. As I walked, I met a new producer and a new surprise without ruining the palate.

If you want to know more about the Merano Wine Festival, click here …


Even the Circle: Land and Experiences had to follow the pattern with tastings of delicacies such as culatello, caviar, oysters, san marzano tomatoes of exquisite taste.

Click to watch my tastings.

The WineHunter Helmut Köcher is setting a date for the next edition, which will be held from November 8 to 12, 2019; the wait is one year, ie 12 months of “hunting” devoted to research, discovery and careful evaluation of labels of wines and gastronomic products selected for quality.



Italian winery in Veneto: an authentic experience

Bagnoli, such a beautiful place,
Well done and full of symmetry,
Neither the traits of the poet so little of the artist,
You can show it exactly.
A bit of a village, but with the grace of a castle;
A court, for some nobles.
Whoever does not believe that he comes here,
Like any other, it will end up being enchanted.
(L. Pastò, El Marcà de Bagnoli, 1788)

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