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Wine Experiences close to Verona: Monte del Frà Winery

Wine Experiences in Italy: It was finally time for us to be able to experience summer. We’ve been through an intense period of lockdown, lack of social life, and I’d say wine cellar visits in Italy are finally here. 


The time is now to share our passions, see friends again, experience looseness and lightness.

To get out of the house we no longer want to compete the usual places at the table, do heavy make-up, heels or tight clothes. We have lived by now too many restrictions and rules.

I would like to give space to my belly (excuse my bluntness, I realized that skinny jeans don’t fit me anymore, after consecutive lockdowns to make bread at home) but this doesn’t stop me from living my freedom and desire to live. 

I found this aphorism hedonistic, but it fits the context exactly:

“Happiness lies in taste and not in things; one is happy because one has what one likes, and not because one has what others find pleasing. (François de La Rochefoucauld)”.

Matching passion – wine and the desire to find oneself

One of the Wine Experiences lived in the region of Veneto is at Monte del Frà Winery: Surrounded by the beautiful hills of Custoza, at Monte del Frà Winery you really leave all your cares behind: moreover it presents the opportunity to know Lugana’s vineyards, Custoza’s memories, as well as Valpolicella and Amarone.♥︎

This land stretches towards the famous city of love, Verona, touching the area of the Colli Morenici up to the hills of Custoza, today a hamlet of Sommacampagna. 

See my last experience in Veneto…here

All this versatility of the territory – hills, flatlands, and wide selection of wines allows Monte del Frà to offer a variety of wine experience possibilities, i.e. to welcome its guests with aperi-picnic in the vineyard, multisensory experiences and gourmet tastings. Even Wine experience for sports enthusiasts: e-bike tour and wine yoga.

Genuine Wine Experience: Aperi-picnic in the vineyard

wine experiences in Veneto
Really glad to be here

Well you know, it’s a play on words for a typical Italian Aperitif with Picnic.

The event starts at 18:00, I would say the lights become more diffuse and the shades of the sunset highlight the beautiful surrounding hills.

In addition to the tasting of two glasses of wine, a picnic basket is included, with proposals of the local food, also designed for vegetarians.

Great music by Stevie Biondi, – soul style and sooo romantic!

The tasting

At Monte del Frà you can choose between a wide range of products, the aperitif modality in the vineyard can be used for light white, rose or red wines. Among the choices you can combine Lugana, Corvina, or their special Rosè wine – an exclusive blend of rondinella, corvina and Molinara grapes.

Well, looking at this wonderful sunset I would say that this summer reveals the most genuine and healthy values, and try to live every moment to the fullest.

Credits from Monte del Frà Winery


Veneto, Verona


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