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libri e vini

Books and wines for lockdown pass fast

Books and Wines: A tiny collection of books and wines that I believe are worthy reading and sharing.
The sweetest season is winter: it is when you can go to the couch without any sense of guilt, enjoy a good glass of wine, match it with excellent dishes and playful activities, while you have the fireplace access the sense of peace rises: devote yourself exclusively to yourself.

Trivially known as idleness: the possession of time to use in activities such as study with no other end than the knowledge or intimate contemplation of oneself, according to the Greeks.

If you want to know more about wine experiences in Italy, get to know a quick review

And excuse me dear yoga lovers, my concept of healthy care and contemplate mind and body is when I read and drink a glass of wine for concentration, just because warm the soul, meditation tastings sometimes of wines unnoticed on other occasions.

Some books and wines that have not gone unnoticed this winter that deserve special attention:

The Da Vinci Vineyard – Giovanni Negri

An entertaining detective story in a race by Commissioner Consulich to find Professor Attilio Scienza for the Expo speech in Milan.
During his journey Consulich discovers many leads that connect a vineyard that belonged to Leonardo da Vinci in the distant Renaissance.
Almost an obsession, that of Scienza, for the garden in the center of Milan where the genius actually produced his wine, while painting the “Last Supper”.

Very exciting and I say there is to read in one breath!

Wine to pair: A delicious suspense deserves a Barolo from Rocche dei Manzoni –  Nebbiolo in black tie dressed tyed: elegant, ripen tannins and beautiful body, every sip is a breath take.

Italian Wine Unplugged grape by grape

A beautiful compilation in English of grape varieties with stories including mind maps linking grapes and their ancestors, a fun discovery of Italian grapes from A to Z.
An interesting book for those who want to learn more about native grape varieties,

It’s great to learn about the origin of certain strains and understand more about Italian wine.

Check it out and discover more about Italian black grapes

Wine Reads: A Literary Anthology of Wine Writing

Jay McInerney – scrittore di bestseller e acclamato editorialista di vini per Town & Country, Wall Street Journal e House and Garden
Troviamo in lingua inglese, include deliziose storie e aneddoti scritte per Master of Wine Jancis Robinson, avventure per scoprire i vigneti di Cōte du Rhōne, proveniente del famoso libro Adventures on the Wine Route, una vera e propria wine experience a portata di mano.

Vino da Abbinare: Le storie raccontate con scrittori più autorevoli nel mondo del vino, meritano un Pinot nero di Borgogne

“The Words of the Earth” Parole della Terra – Manual for wine lovers and gastroribelli

Acclaimed Luigi Veronelli and Pablo Echaurren invite young wine lovers to overturn the concept of globalization for wine.
It invites you to be aware of your own territory, knowing the sustainable forms of agriculture. Its own manual to have greater awareness of our purchase and choice of wines.

To accompany reading: A local wine, in my case I chose a Pinot Noir by Marco Buvoli

Books and Wines with added value

Meanwhile, I read these. The prices of the books do not exceed the threshold of 40 euros and you will also find them on Amazon, but the added value and content for us, winelovers is great.

I leave instead a dear invitation to my dear reader to write a book suggestion and why you think de worth reading it.
And yes, word of mouth still works, and I hope my dry January goes by faster.


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