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Movie and wine to visit Sicily

Movie and wine is the perfect combination to adapt to the COVID 19 situation.
A kind of a race to continue adapting, with mask and gel for hands and take the right distance.

Here in Italy we can already leave home after a long quarantine and return to a relatively normal life.


For now we have decided to travel within the country, and this year we chose Sicily.

Sicily is one of the most fascinating places I have ever visited. Land where the Byzantines were conquered and submitted to the Arab occupation of the year 896. Prospering with the economic flow with Islamic Orient. Then in 1061 the Nordic conquered the island and thus made several cultures coexist, favoring art and sciences.

Sicily was also the portrait of many classic films, and of course the home of many wines of character and expression. It produces a wide range of grapes, and produces red wines with average acidity levels and tannins, with aromas of plums and cherries. The white wines do not fail to express the exotic fruity agrumatic character.
That’s why I thought of 4 films and possible partner wines – to be inspired and thrilled and tasted!

Cinema Paradiso – by Giuseppe Tornatore


Giuseppe Tornatore is filmed in Cefalù is a small town 70 kilometers from Palermo, a small stone village whose cathedral dates back to the 12th century.
From here the boats leave for the Aeolian islands and you can taste their magnificent brioches filled with ice cream or the typical Sicilian canoli.
It is not a place to cross, it is a place to stay at least three days and enjoy it.
You can drink meditation wine, which accompanies a sweet movie and incredible tuning of the maestro Ennio Morricone.
A white Moscato wine, delicate and floral, has a perfume of white fruits like pessego, pineapple and you can find labels like Noto DOC or Siracusa DOC.

Malena – by Giuseppe Tornatore

Film and wine to watch a classic set in Sicily in the years of World War II, is the story of the crazy passion that a young boy, Renato Amoroso, has for the most beautiful and desired woman in the country: Malèna.

While Renato discovers sexuality by imagining Malèna from time to time, like Jane de Tarzan, Cleopatra, the gangster girl or the beauty of barbershop calendars, Malèna lives her parable as a young wife, then a widow.
This film, the splendid actress Monica Belucci walks through the square of Syracuse, portraying the little town church of Ortigia. The city is baroque in style, a charm and reflects a unique light.
The wine I propose is a Carricante, which can be delicate and at the same time seduces you for a well accompanied aperitif.
Refined, elegant and mineral.

Godfather- Ford Coppola


Movie and wine to know a wonderful small town as Savoca, an immaculate medieval village near Taormina, was used as a substitute for Corleone, where Michael was hiding when he “went to the mattresses”.
Here you can visit the Vitelli Bar, which looks exactly like the movie, and see the exact place where Al Pacino revealed to Apollonia’s father that his name was Michael Corleone and told him that “there would be a lot of people who would pay too much to get an indicted information, but then his daughter would lose a father instead of getting a fiancé”.
To match the film’s attention, a wine that is quite fleeting and intense, with Nerello Mascalese scent, keeps its vigor for years and continues to envelop, has the intense scent of cherries, and a touch of tobacco.

The Leopard – Lucchino Visconti


Among the cult films filmed in Sicily, the Leopard (Il Gattopardo) couldn’t be missed. Here Burt Lancaster danced with Claudia Cardinale in one of the most famous scenes of the film. It was filmed in an 18th century palace on Via Croce dei Vespri, in the center of Palermo.
It was Prince Pietro Valguarnera who commissioned its construction more than 300 years ago for the greatest glory of his family, one of the oldest on the island, with red marbles of Castellammare, golden columns and row rooms that rival Versailles.
What wine?
Malvasia delle Lipari: wine originating from the island in the province of Messina. It is a golden wine with amber reflections and a delicately sweet and almost moldy taste, the malvasia has been called “nectar of the gods”. The wine was exported for a long time along the Mediterranean coasts by the island’s merchant fleets.

Tell me which Italian films you know have marked you, maybe I can write down which wine to accompany for your entertainment to be more than a success!

These films are old movies and I recommend a DVD via Amazon or Youtube.

And if you would like some advice about Sicily, know the restaurants in Sicily and where to stay.


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