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visiting a wine cellar

Visiting a wine cellar in Garda Lake: Lugana wine

Visiting a wine cellar in Garda Lake, for a whole Italian summer to make the most of every moment. This is a suggestive opportunity to know a very interesting caste of native grape that perforates of youth, to the good living, that has delicate notes of white flowers: The Turbiana grape.

The fact that we like wines allows us to know other aspects that go beyond the drink: in this case after our long period of quarantine, we decided to meet a very special canteen that its main production comes with Lugana wine: I am talking about the Ca’dei Frati Wine cellar.

Expression of the Veneto Territory

Visiting a wine cellar in Garda Lake – more precisely in the Veneto region, to the south of Garda Lake – a region centred on the largest Italian lake, with its length of 370km, between the province of Brescia and Verona.

The position of the lake for the vine is very important because it allows the function of thermal regulation, which keeps the temperature constant between summer and winter.

All the grapes that are treated here with more interest and respect to each individuality, expressing the maximum the terroir.
The wine from Ca dei Frati is the excellent expression of territoriality of the Turbiana grape, because is an indigenous grape and expresses in excellence all its peculiar characteristics, such as fresh notes of white flowers, with nuances of apricot and almonds.

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Wine Cellar tour

In this region, before it became a wine cellar it was curiously a tobacco production.

After thirty years working in the vineyard and the cellar, his son Pietro took part in the creation of the DOC in 1969, bottling his first wine with the label Lugana Casa dei Frati, later named Ca’ dei Frati.

In this paragraph, I’ll explain you why you can feel a magical atmosphere inside this wine cellar. Firstly, because the tasting room is done in an old church where the monks made their prayers. Secondly, where the wines rest, you can listen to the music of the monks while the magic of the ferments takes place. So nice!


The Lugana wine

It’s a jovial wine, with fresh white flowers notes without making us sick. It has the right touch of minerality with the hint of tropical fruit that pleases us in the summer, it’s not so bad.

Turbiana is indigenous grape from Lugana

Lugana its located along the southern banks of Lake Garda between Veneto and Lombardy region

The microclimate is Mild and fairly costant, few temperature variations between day and night.

Turbiana was a misunderstood grape

Closely related to Trebbiano di Soave or with the Verdicchio in the Marche Region.

However, recent studies have shown that it is different from both: that cultivar and its aromatic characteristics are unique as well as from a phenological and oenological point of view.

Lugana DOC is Crispy and have floral notes, wines have flavors of juicy citrus, white stone fruit and almonds

The Lugana Superiore and Riserva is Rounder, fuller-bodied and can be aged

There is also sparkling versions and Lugana vendemmia tardiva ( for latest harvest).

Tell me if you want to learn more about vineyards and trips around Veneto.

Veneto, Verona

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